2-Amino Acetophenone [CAS No. 551-93-9]

CAS Number 551-93-9
Molecular Formula C₈H₉NO
Appearance Light Yellow to Yellow Oil
Molecular Weight 135.16
Storage 20°C
Solubility Dichloromethane (Sparingly), DMSO, Methanol (Slightly)


2′-Aminoacetophenone is one of the key volatile flavor components of masa corn flour products. 2′-Aminoacetophenone is also one of the key starting materials for Linagliptin API. 2′-Aminoacetophenone is also one of the key intermediates for Linagliptin API which is an anti-diabetic drug.

Chemical Name 2′-Aminoacetophenone
Synonyms 1-(2-Aminophenyl)ethanone; 1-Acetyl-2-aminobenzene; 2-(Methylcarbonyl)benzenamine; 2-Acetylaniline; 2-Acetylphenylamine; 2-Aminophenyl Methyl Ketone; 2′-Aminoacetophenone; Methyl 2-Aminophenyl Ketone; NSC 8820; o-Acetylaniline; o-Aminoacetophenone; o-Aminoacetylbenzene;


Applications 2′-Aminoacetophenone, is detected in the breath of Pseudomonas aeruginosa colonized cystic fibrosis patients. It is also present in various food products causing different off-flavors.