4 Methyl Catechol [CAS No.: 452-86-8]

Cas No: 452-86-8

Molecular formulae : C7H8O2

Molecular weight : 124.13 g/mol

Synonyms : 3,4-Dihydroxytoluene

End Use : Fragrance & API Intermediate

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4-Methylcatechol is a chemical compound. It is a component of castoreum, the exudate from the castor sacs of the mature beaver.

4-Methylcatecholester is a therapeutic application derived there form Anti-inflamatory effects, as a peroxyl radical and superoxide anion radical scavenger.

This 4-methyl catechol Intermediate is used for manufacturing Fragrance (Watermelon Ketone).

Physical State : Solid
Solubility : Soluble in water, methanol, acetone, ether, and alcohol.
Storage : Store at room temperature
Melting Point : 67-69° C (lit.)
Boiling Point : 251° C (lit.)
Density : 1.13 g/cm3 at 25° C
Refractive Index : n20D 1.60 (Predicted)
pK Values : pKa: 9.91 (Predicted)